Tulubhan Beach is not a beach for swimming, however, if you want to lay out on the sand and enjoy the view for sunbathing, without the hassle of ambulant vendors, this is a decent choice. A handful of resorts abut the beach area. The best time to come for viewing is during high tide, each day. During low tide, the water is ankle deep to about 100 yards out to sea. One nice thing about low tide is that you can walk through the coral areas and usually observe hundreds of sea stars (nee starfish) of varying colors. They really are quite beautiful. At low tide, you can also walk along all the way to Monaco Resort, and even further along the coves and inlets that you might never knew existed. It is a great beach for naturalists and explorers. Not recommend swimming here. If you are a kayaker, Tulubhan beach can be a great starting or ending point. Windsurfers occasionally do their thing in our bay. During high tide, you can even have a bance deliver you here.

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